HPCD's mission: sustainable job creation and we continually effectuate this. Specifically within the youth placement and development project we 
continually provide learning and internship opportunities to the country’s youth such that the Haitian youth are qualified to work professionally in a self-sustaining manner.  

Beginning on Tuesday, August 7th and lasting until Friday, August 10th, youth between the ages of 17 to 25 were selected from varying neighborhoods throughout Port-au-Price in participating in the Youth Placement program hosted by HPCD. The youth will receive professional training in one of four fields of construction, electric technology, plumbing and climatization, and metal working and welding. For the current year (2012), 200 students were selected for the program, an increase of 50 youth from 2011.


Each profession was assigned an introductory and preparatory day where participants underwent orientation. The session began with participants checking in, followed by having a profile picture taken. The remainder of the day proceeded with presentations and information sessions for the youth, each day designed for the field of work to be introduced.

by Jessica Davis

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