Where one sees dispair, catastrophe, violence the another will see possibility, creativity and passion. Cite Soleil- city of the sun- globally viewed as one of the most vulnerable slums in the world, also houses some of the most innovative  persons one may ever know.   Bouteille ( literally meaning bottles)  - is also an area constructed by a few residents of the Cite Soleil area-  to simply create.  This once deserted space has now transformed into a workshop where a small group of partisans create beautiiful glasses from scratch.

These dynamic entreprenuers literally go into their surrounding communities and  rid those areas from filthy bottles- from snapple to beer you will find it all.

Once they return to Bouteille- the rigorously clean the the glass bottles, wax them, shape them , paint them, until they are transformed into delicate glass cups- meeting everyone’s approval. These entreprenuers work arduously day in and day out – to not only assist in keep their neighborhood  and the surrounding areas cleans but to earn a sustainable income for them and their children.

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