When working within communities,  often trends emerge among people groups. .As people ,we all march to a rhythm. Within HPCD we work within communities- vulnerable communities within the metropoilitain area. Every year for the past four year we have initiated a new class of youth aged 17-25 within our youth placement and rehabilitation program. And through out the duration of this program we continually observe  youth which deviate from the norm.  This month we decided to share  and congratulate a young lady which has surpassed all our expectations.

She has entered a trade popularly frequented by men and served as an example that anything is possible. Fabiola Blanc is 22 years old she entered the program and chose the field of construction. Everyone told her, she was but a girl- she will never be successful in this trade.  But she believed anything was possible. And today we stand  in applause- congratulating her faith , her courage and her work. Help us congratulate Miss Blanc for her excceptional work  ethic in 2012-2013 Youth Placement promotion of HPCD.

2013 has opened up its doors... 
And HPCD isn't leaving anyone behind. 

Within our fiscal year we have officially past the half way point.
-Our 50 entrepreneurial women have recently finished their mid year exams and are geared up for the remaining 6 months of incubation.
-200 youth are currently all placed in internships within their trade are gaining invaluable experience and the chances of obtaining full-time job!

Stay tuned for our 2013 New Years Resolutions.

Enthusiastically serves our administrative team. Immaculene recently graduated with a degree in business management and started interning just a few short months ago.  Immaculene is a multifaceted young lady – she also well known  for her  role as a top model in Haiti. She eagerly assists in helping HPCD reach to new heights.  Immaculene has strategically began working on ways to promote the work and vision of HPCD through encouraging are micro-entreprenuer. She hosts formative sessions which equips our entreprenuers with valuable promotional tools and has aided the entreprenuers in  the completion of their business plans.  Immaculene has accompanied our women entreprenuers in various outings, bazaars, and fairs.  Help us in thanking Immaculene for a job  well done.