"The future of our country depends on us. We need to act, form the right partnership which will help us in our plight to end poverty and create sustainable jobs" Ernso Jean-Louis, Executive Director HPCD
Chicago here we come!

Just this past week  a team from HPCD had the opportunity to  participate at a transformational conference which enabled us to partner with people from around the world  to assure the work we do Haiti and affirm the work done around the world.

This conference entitled Market Place Revolution  was one which brought  together professionals, business people, international workers, university students, and  church leaders from  over 22 countries- all passionate about partnering to end poverty. Through out this conference we had the possibility to hear innovative people like: Dennis Tongoi- which authored A Prosperous Kenya,  Alfa Demallashi- a former CNN hero, and  Stuart Hart which authored Capitalism at a Crossroads.

HPCD had the opportunity to  meet and form new partnership with people and organizations all bonded in together in preserving dignity and ending poverty.  The conference encouraged the initiation of new relationships,  it brought forth a new chapter of opportunity.