Markenson serves a wonderful model as Rosita (Martissant Entreprenuer) tries on her new macrame tie. Order yours today!
Markenson Registre

Markenson tirelessy  serves our tiny accounting department here at HPCD. He recently finished his collegiate studies with the field of accounting and information systems and decided to join our team. Throughout this past semester his efforts  in training 50 women in basic accounting practices have started to reap fruits.  With the recent completion of their first financial statement – one of the women stated “ I  finally really feel like I am in control of my finances what comes in and what goes out.” Markenson assisted in us with his skills in all the current projects at play in at HPCD.  Markenson has proven himself as an invaluable member of our team- give it up for Markenson!

Within the past few months at HPCD we have had the pleasure of having a dynamic groups of five young proffessionals  join our team. This team of diligent interns have taken to heart the vision of our organization and worked incessantly  to make it a reality.
"Judithe- oversees our women in cite soleil"
Judithe Francois,
 Judithe effectively serves our team by supervising our Cite Soleil Incubator which currently host 25 entreprenuers. She recently finished  her studies in accounting and thrives with in her internship role as a mentor and supervisor to these women.  She currently works along side  25 women living in Cite Soleil and Simon Pele, one of the most vulnerable communities in Haiti. With in the past few months these entrepreneurial women have learned to gain her trust. She services them with advice on how to efficiently run their businesses, and manage that which they have been alotted. Join me in thanking her for a job well done!

"The future of our country depends on us. We need to act, form the right partnership which will help us in our plight to end poverty and create sustainable jobs" Ernso Jean-Louis, Executive Director HPCD
Chicago here we come!

Just this past week  a team from HPCD had the opportunity to  participate at a transformational conference which enabled us to partner with people from around the world  to assure the work we do Haiti and affirm the work done around the world.

This conference entitled Market Place Revolution  was one which brought  together professionals, business people, international workers, university students, and  church leaders from  over 22 countries- all passionate about partnering to end poverty. Through out this conference we had the possibility to hear innovative people like: Dennis Tongoi- which authored A Prosperous Kenya,  Alfa Demallashi- a former CNN hero, and  Stuart Hart which authored Capitalism at a Crossroads.

HPCD had the opportunity to  meet and form new partnership with people and organizations all bonded in together in preserving dignity and ending poverty.  The conference encouraged the initiation of new relationships,  it brought forth a new chapter of opportunity.

Ernso Jean-Louis, executive director of Haitian Partners for Christian Development, recently had the opportunity to share at Palais de L’Art, to a group of  over 150 young women the vision HPCD has for the country of Haiti.  Ernso Jean-Louis was accompanied by HPCD’s administrative intern, Immaculene Carmelo and HPCD’s Comunication’s Director, Christina Jean- Louis.
These young women  were recently lodged in displacement camps which were created shortly after the earthquake. World Vision has partnered with the members of this displacment camp to equip them with skills which will not only reinforce their employablity in the long run but an added work trade to ensure sustainability within these families.
Most of these women  were  trained in industrial couture through out a semester and  recently graduated from their training.  This half day conference was commited to recognizing their accomplishment, encouraging their efforts and presenting possibilities for the future. This is where Ernso Jean-Louis came in. HPCD not only has their successful incubation program which may enable some of these women to launch small business within the sect , HPCD partners with the community to place tradesman in apprentice ships  and jobs .

Mr. Jean-Louis not only encouraged these women in their trade, it affirmed the vision of HPCD to see a Haiti filled with jobs.