The magic lies in her hands.  Each knot is specific from the feston to the alternative knots, each knot takes precision, creativity and grace.  Some knots take more time and others take less. Macramé is a skill Rosita obtained since grade school but it wasn't until a year ago she refined this trade and decided to share her talent with her community.

Rosita creates beautiful sandals, jewelry and accessories. She currently has 3 employees and is housed in our incubator at Martissant, a vulnerable community in the downtown area of Port-au-Prince.  Would you like to help bring her trade to new heights?

With the start of this new quarter HPCD  has once again began their youth placementd& development initiative. And we are not leaving any one behind.  Meet our new class of 200 youth who have recently completed their technical training program in trades which construction, plumbing, welding and various other trades.

A month into the project, our relentless staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that  our goal of finding internships for all of these vulnerable youth become realized before 2013.  And we are proud to announce in a litte over a month we have found jobs and placed over 100 youth in this class. Yes it was difficult, yes… it was tiring, and yes it is worth it.   Our goal : to build back better. 

As we all know, the earth quake of 2010 left Port-au-Prince, in shambles.  But while the earthquake  caused immense damage it also illuminated a number of very pressing  issues when it comes to the way in which we built.  Given , our tropical country sits right along of a major fault line- it is essential that all our buildings be earth quake  proof and hurricane proof.  Because of this HPCD invited & sponsored  Ing. Emmanuel Breau,  an engineer with advanced expertise in Parasismic and Paracyclonique construction training to host a workshop  this September, for these youth on building earthquake and hurricane proofs buildings.

Our youth are currently placed in 20 different companies including Parc Construction, Gitech, Arcotech,  Betec  and more involved in literally rebuilding this nation.  From hospitals, government offices, to home repair, to bank or recycling wards our youth our involved in rebuilding it all. And yes, we are so excited.  This motivates us to work harder, to find more jobs and rebuild this nation back better.