Us here at HPCD are psyched about all the activities taking place through out this month.which support our entrepreneurs and gets their names out into public sphere. From our fair at Damien to our outings at the UN log base- our entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to meet over 500 prospective clients interesting buying their products.
A special thanks to the UN, Center for Violence Reduction unit in Haitifor partnering with HPCD to realize our vision of sustainable jobs for all in HaitiThrough out the past three years the UNITED NATIONS has played an integral role in the viability of our organization  through their financial support of our two major project: Incubation and Youth Placement Project. With their help there are now over 650 working men and women in Port-au-Prince metropolitan area, who are supporting their families and growing this nation.

to learm more about their partnership with us just visit here :  and